mHealth Working Group Inventory of Projects

Cell phone use for data collection

USAID | DELIVER PROJECT staff in Zambia use cell phones to collect data for malaria commodities.
© 2009 Arturo Sanabria, Courtesy of Photoshare. USAID | DELIVER PROJECT is implemented by John Snow, Inc.

Thank you to all who contributed to the inventory! We gathered nearly 400 mHealth projects in 74 countries from over 100 organizations. You can view the projects below and download the Excel spreadsheet here.

If your project is not included, we invite you to add it using this form. This is a Google groups form that contains 13 questions which should take between 5 – 10 mins per project to complete if all information is readily available. (One of the questions is a very long list of countries. Please don’t worry, it just looks intimidating. After you’ve checked the appropriate countries, there are just a few more questions left.)