Please join us on February 28th to hear Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ATH Consulting, Izhar Mahjoub, discuss ATH’s digital health transformation projects and programs in Tunisia and Advisor of the Minister for eHealth of Tunisia, Helmi Ismail, speak on the current state of healthcare in the country.


Tunisia has a history of advanced medical services in Africa and through investment/support from global institutions, is positioned to become a center of excellence in inpatient, outpatient, telemedicine, and medical tourism. However, the global push for data driven medicine and international standards for quality healthcare will require much effort of health providers and the Ministry of Health to meet these needs. ATH Consulting (ATH), an international firm focused on healthcare digital transformation programs with particular expertise in interoperability standards, is working to bring the highest level of quality and standards of healthcare to Tunisia.


Through partnering with leading international organizations such as JEMBI, IHE and HIMSS, ATH is helping Tunisia’s Ministry of Health understand and implement international quality and data standards. ATH is also the first African company in the HIMSS certified consultant program and its HIMSS analytics certified consultants are conducting DIAM certifications in Tunisia. ATH further provides training on health informatics (HL7, IHE interoperability process, etc) for both private and public organizations and is working with PCHA on certification programs for connected devices in Tunisia.


This event will be hosted the USAID Flagship Maternal and Child Survival (MCSP) Program at Jhpeigo's office in Dupont Circle. Please RSVP here for either the in-person networking session or as a remote participant via weblink.


Next month, join us on Friday, March 23rd (yes, Friday) 9:30am-11:30am for a session with the U.S. Agency for International Development's (USAID's) Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact (CII) to learn about how unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are being applied in global health and ways that the UAV community is working together to shape and move this market forward. 

UAVs have the potential to make significant impact in global health, and a broad community of funders, innovators and implementers have the opportunity to align future efforts to address the most pressing challenges and advance the most promising use cases of UAVs in global health supply chains. This session will highlight CII's recently developed UAVs in Global Health: Defining a Collective Path Forward, a report that lays out an investment roadmap to align stakeholders and accelerate progress toward a cost-effective and sustainable role for UAVs in development. The session will also feature speakers from UAV-focused organizations. Click here to reserve a seat. Space is limited. 


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